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Willkommen auf Flash-Games-Spielen.de: Kostenlose coole Online Spiele spielen, Flash Games, PC Spiele für Kinder

Die ultimative Spiele-Seite für Online-Spiele aller Art! Suche über die Kategorien-Leiste deine Lieblingskategorie aus und fange an zu spielen! Du kannst auch einfach ein Zufallspiel spielen, wenn du rechts im Zufallsmenü deine Kategorie auswählst oder irgendein Spiel klickst! Bei uns kannst du kostenlose Games zocken bis der Arzt kommt, Spiele spielen bis zum Geht-nicht-mehr auf unserer Seite für Flash-Spiele, tausende von Flashspielen für Kinder spielen auf unserer Seite mit coolen Flashgames! Bei uns findest du viele coole Onlinespiele, Onlinegames und Flash-Games umsonst! Jeden Tag neue Spiele auf unserer Online Spiele-Seite für Flash Games! Neue Games laden wir täglich auf unsere Seite!

Die neuesten Action

Data Miner!

You devoted your youth to the job, you bore unpaid overtimes, did extra work. You were offered to use the knowledge of your company which didn’t appreciate your work. You decided to take the chance. You decided to start earning finally. You decided to steal data and sell it to the rival company. You decided to become a Data Miner!

Sword and Feet: Quest for Love

Based on School of Sword as the action part, this game is a fantasy tale of eight brothers finding their brides in the world full of orcs and skeletons. Besides the action part, where you will now face multiple enemies and use magic as well as your sword, you'll also travel through the land, and storm orcish lairs as well as the ladies' hearths. ****************** It's important to go through the in-game help in order to understand the gameplay.

Sled Shredding

Help Santa hop along houses in this addicting arcade style game!

Space Commando : Prelude

You are a Space Commando. Protecting the galaxy from alien slime. Play the part of a space commando , something has gone wrong on your ship. Protect your crew mates from the alien threat using weapons and equipment that you find along the way. Keys can be redfined in game. Top down action adventure set onbard a space ship. 8 chapters and 5 levels to play through. Earn XP to imporove your characters abilities and collect better weapons and equipment as you progress through the ship.

Die neuesten Shooting


BoomsticK pits you and your trusty shotgun against a relentless onslaught of insane shapes. 21 Tiers of shape shooting, particle blastin' and power-up grabbin' madness! Compare your sick score to the entire world and flaunt your BoomsticK skills.

Resident Wiivile 2

An action packed, Point Blank-esque take on the Resident Evil Universe, if it had happened to star rabbits. Controls

Doodle Destroyer

Draw your own ship, then play the game with it! Add cannons, draw it in color and customize your ship however you want!

Gunny Bunny

A first-person 3-D shooting game. Quake-style action with tons of guns, targets and backgrounds.

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