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Die neuesten Action

Super Slap Stars

Looks like another classic from the world famous doof studios! The world of tabloid journalism is a dirty one. And to get a decent story these days, you've got to bend the rules. Set out on your hunt for the biggest story of the year by giving the celebrities a taste of their own medicine for once. Slap and clap your way through four levels of superstar smackage!


Here's another mission for you Captain. Use the thrusters on your space craft to guide yourself from one platform to the other in your exploration mission. Fuel is limited so you'll have to use your rockets sparingly. Excellent single-player sci-fi game with brilliant 8-bit style retro graphics! Check it out for yourself!


Ever get that feeling where you just want to beat the crap out of anything cute? Yeah, so do we. Dispose of all your day's frustrations in this frenetic and frenzied bash-em-up classic. Don*t be fooled by their delightful little faces, these lowlifes are as annoying as nappy rash. Thump their stupid heads back to where they belong by hitting the corresponding numbers on your keypad.

Thrust 3

Collect trapped spacemen in the caves to reach the exit. Thrust is a classic - and so is the 3rd incarnation...

Die neuesten Shooting

Snowball Throwdown

A catapult styled game during December, use your catapult to launch the snowball as far as possible!

the transformer change

Once upon a time people and mutans are live together in peace. One day the mutans infected by swine flu and transfer into a monster, now they called as transformer.They start killing people. its your time to kill the transformer before they spreading out the virus.

Sky Attack

Destroy the attacking UFOs, win points, and go to next level. You can update the strength of your fighter after every level.

Shoot Zombies

Shoot zombies in all levels and go to next level. Buy health updates.