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Die beliebtesten RPG-Spiele

Wonderboy Legends

Over 100 items to collect, skills to learn, massive terrains of enemies and bosses to slaughter and levels of addiction!

Franks Adventure 3

Aliens have contacted Frank to get hardcore and softcore anime porn for them.

Murloc RPG

Murloc RPG puts you in the role of Murk, an in-experienced Murloc warrior. Your accomplishments shall surely grant you everlasting glory or at least until an adventurer finds your village.

Dark War Strategy Chapter 2

The 2nd Dark War Strategy, the story of David Strong Heart and friends to search the 5th element.

Starcraft RPG

Build units in your bases and send them out to go slaughter some Zerg!

Battle Grounds 2

Vanquish your foes!

13 Guardians

In this game, you participate in a death tournament to free your country from the rule of an evil king. You must defeat 13 guardians of the king and the king himself. In each combat, you and your opponent receive 7 tiles that represent various moves. Most of the moves require stamina, magic or both, so you must control their levels. The efficiency of the moves depend on your skills. You can improve your skills in the end of each level. You earn money in combat and can spend it to upgrade your armor, sword, magic and defense.

Franks Adventure 4

Help the nerd king by collecting sexy nude hentai anime pictures.

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