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Die beliebtesten Kampf-Spiele

Beyblade Rip Zone

Battle other opponents with your Beyblade! Let it rip!

Naruto Star Students

Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura must escort Tazuna safely to his home in the land of waves but that's easier said than done when an army of ninjas and the deadly assassin, Zabuza, stand in their way. Collect life, chakra and life points on your way. Select your character and let the fights begin!

Xiao Xiao

This is the 1st episode of an awesome stickman series. Really cool!

Mob Street Fighter

6 levels of street fighting with new boss and enemies on each level. Street Fight with Mob Fighters to avenge your brother and kill the God Father in epic fight.


Hack and slash your way through 15 stages of greek warriors.

Super Smash Brothers

Have you ever played Super Smash Brothers on your N64 or Gamecube? Now you can play it @ TETRYX!

Xiao Xiao 2

This is the 2nd episode of an awesome stickman series. Really cool!

Lightsaber Battles 3D

Ever wanted to use a lightsaber? Now you can play as your favorite action characters using lightsabers to battle it out in 3d rendered environments! Fast-paced fighting action, a full story and versus mode, and gorgeous 3d graphics await you in Lightsaber Battles.

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