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Bakugan Smack Match

Bagukan SmacK Match is an advanced memory match cards game, you can submit your best time score, enjoy !!!!!

Magic World Jigsaw

Magic World Advanced Jigsaw Game, Art by Ayaz...

The Pinguin

Ici Tower in pinguin version

Night Club Fever

The player designs and manages nightclubs all around the World and tries to keep up with ever-challenging party goals by serving customers

Fruit Bubble

Clear all the bubbles of fruit from the board, scoring as many points as possible.


Sometimes it's hard to find the words to say... This game is no exception! Spell out the word that is given to you sequentially in the order in which the letters appear in that word. It sounds simple, but sometimes your senses can puzzle you more than you'd expect! You'll need the eyes of a hawk and the visual detection skills of a nosy neighbour... Have a go!


Spiele das Spiel und erhöhe deinen IQ. Höre nicht auf, bis du Level 10 erreicht hast.T

talented Mr fox

Collect all of nuts

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